I recognize now that I haven't given you, dear readers, a proper recap of everything that's gone on up to now.

1.) We got the place.
Yep, I am living in the apartment we wanted from the start. The other two sets of people that applied were both rejected. Divine providence, methinks.

2.) I hate my class schedule.
Yeah, I HAD 19 credits and dropped one. So now I'm down to 16 credits - class from 9:30 am to 5 pm straight, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Friday I have an optional recitation. There are two or three of my five classes I walk into and feel like I'm drowning. I am convinced this is a bad thing.

3.) I missed my Philly crew.
Paul, Drew, J9, Kimmie, Tony, Joanna, Hrehor, Cameron, Brandie, Mike, et al. I realize that I feel like I can be myself more often with them. No sense of claustrophibia, of adherence to my past, of expectations and horrible experiences.

4.) I miss my Erie crew.
Trish, Sarah, Greg, Kelley, Laurie, the Gamecrazy guys, my family...I miss them. Familiarity. I miss those I didn't get to see enough because of work and prior engagements. I miss those I could be close to, feel a connection in Erie.

That's really all.


Anonymous Sarah said...

Boo on school. I miss you too.

but at least you're not homeless?

April 12, 2006 9:05 AM  

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