So I've been working on becoming healthier. Starting this monday, (I know, yesterday, shut up) I started jogging with Kimmie and Tony. The first day we went two miles or so, and I didn't have to walk much of it. I think we did a 14-15 minute mile jogging. Bad, I recognize, but for the love of god. It was more than I have ever deliberately run in my entire life. 

Tony is really up into it, but the man also used to run cross country. Kimmie runs on occasion. For me, this is a system shock. I hurt.

Which is why I almost bailed today.

But I didn't end up doing it. I downed some pasta and rode my bike up to Kimmie and Tony's (mistake, should have had Kimmie come get me since I wouldn't have worn myself down with the uphill ride.), and we went.

3 miles this time.

I walked more often but I gave myself less time to do so each time. We got it down to about a 13 minute mile I think. Kimmie was very encouraging, asking me how I was - the girl is a good friend. Tony and I had a mini showdown and at one point, when I was walking, he pushed me into running again. I'm just not there yet.

And the last 50 or so meters, AFTER the whole two miles or so, I broke out into a sprint. "Kicked it in," as Tony puts it. I got to the grass and almost threw up. I didn't have the energy.

After we get back to their place, we sit around for a bit and eventually I leave. Time for a bike ride! Shrey and his friend Jason came along, we went back down to the art museum. Rode about 9 miles on it, a total of about 11 miles or so for me on the bike.

I swear I am so sore I can't feel my thighs.

But damnit, I am working out! I am eating SO much better (first mt. dew of the week, gonna keep it to water), I am doing the whole exercise thing, and I am keeping snacking to a minimum. Do I expect to lose 20 lbs by next thursday? No. But does this feel better than when I would sleep 18 hours a day?

I reckon.


Anonymous Sarah said...

I have to lose 20 pounds by june.

I'll race you.

April 28, 2006 5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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