it's amazing, the thoughts.

"All the suspense
That we’ve created,
Now it’s wasted,
And we can’t change it.
The beginning to the ending,
I find myself remembering..."
"So Cold I Could See My Breath," Emery

The weather's been terrifying as of the past few months. Warm/Cold in some sort of yin-yang dance of  global warming and rising oil prices.

Right now it's 58 degrees out. Not that I'm really complaining.

"My hands across your clothes..."

I got my CDs in the mail yesterday - Emery's "The Question" and MewithoutYou's "Catch For Us The Foxes." I'd downloaded Emery but deleted it because I felt bad and purchased the CD. I really do buy CDs when I like them. I can't wait to purchase Onesidezero's new one - their tracks on their site are just like their old CD. I love it.

I go back to school in 18 days. A little over two weeks. It's exciting. Joanna called me last night to tell me she found a place for us, she thinks. Apparently the layout kind of sucks, the bathrooms are small, and it's filthy. But the owners said they'd paint and clean and all that before we moved in. And it's in a great area (23rd and Spruce) about a mile and a half from Drexel. I can handle that walk every day. :) Yes, in the rain too. I can always take the subway on Market.

Unfurnished, though, so we get to tear everything in my room down and have fun moving it. Bed, ONE BOOKSHELF, a new desk I'd like to actually just buy and keep packed in its box until I come back.

On the positive side it's gonna be a great way to eliminate the clutter of my life.

I lost two games worth $40 - I am very upset about it. They were GBA RPGs (FF I & II and FF IV). No one cares but I thought I'd share my grief.

I think I'm gonna take a walk before work.


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