Well, I'm testing out a blogging program called ecto. It's pretty neat. Allows offline blogging, which is useful. Also allows for rich text editing, something that I could do with Blogger's website, but unfortunately Safari isn't quite supported yet.

Problem is, it costs money. Money I don't have.

I have 19 days left to decide, anyway, and this is a really, really nice program. Maybe using it will change my mind and I'll bite the bullet and buy it.

Anyway - slept in late today. 9:30 ish. w00. Sort of hung around with Trish. Yesterday, I'd bought a 'Cube game on a whim called Future Tactics: The Uprising. It's a tactical game, but it combines action in the gameplay - no stats or skill points. You actually have to aim your gun and whatnot, and movement is free within the circle of your movement range radius.

It's quite fun, actually, and I only paid $5 for it so I don't feel I wasted my money. I've got a stack of games I've set aside from work that I've got to buy. They add up to $93 AFTER a 20% discount and they're USED. Most are, anyway. It's stupid - it's not like I've got the time or money for these things. It's either work now or school in three months.

Meanwhile, this is my longest entry in a while. It's odd how I just can't bring myself to write in a blog. I'm still trying, even considering making a podcast, but as far as it goes, I just don't do it. I don't really know why. I think it's the readers - I don't have the audience I had in Opendiary, so it's not like I care anymore. Which just goes to show that blogs, in my case, are pretty much masturbatory.

although, masturbation *does* feel good...hm.


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