Bad day

So I'm definitely having a bad day up to this point. It's about 5:45 and I'm riding the bus home as we speak (ah, ecto). Last night I'd crashed at Greg's house. So he dropped me off at work this morning, and took off before I realized the gate was locked. I would have to walk around the entire complex to get to the gate on the opposite side. Easily a mile. And last night it decided to snow, and this morning it decided wind was a good idea. It took me a half hour in 31 degree weather, walking in the grass next to a high-traffic road, to get there. THEN I HAD TO WALK THROUGH THE COMPLEX TO MY BUILDING. It was like walking along a G shaped course. All because the security guard couldn't see me, or didn't care.

So I had to stay at work till 5:30 instead of my usual 3, because I was late coming in (intended). Forgot my lunch. So I am rather hungry right now. We had a safety meeting, which wasn't bad because usually we have food. This time there were only old cookies. Oh well, who's complaining. So I had those (got the last Mt. Dew!) and went back to work. Left work to stand outside for the bus, I was 15 minutes early. More intimate times with the freezing wind. I step on the bus, and I'm told it has to make a half-hour layover at the depot. So not only do I have to take the normal hour-long busride home, I have to go for an extra half-hour, sit there at a bus depot no less (I feel like white trash), and get home at 7 pm. It's not worth it. God.


I just want to curl up with Trish and sleep.


Anonymous Denise said...

Thats awful. Since its been a couple weeks since you posted this, I hope that that day has not repeated itself!

February 13, 2006 2:30 AM  

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