Roadblocks and Digital Divides (with a soundtrack by Trans Siberian Orchestra)

Well, I've written 12,990 words of my novel so far. I am 25.98% to the 50,000 word mark they expect you to hit November 30 at midnight.

And yet it's day ten and I should have 16,670 words by the end of today. I am almost a full day behind. And usually work is quiet and boring and I can just get away with sitting there writing. But now. NOW when I'm behind, suddenly there's work for me to do! It's not like I can complain. "Oh no! The people paying me are finally expecting me to earn my money!"

Nonetheless it's irritating that catching up is such an uphill battle.

But I think I'm gonna haul some today and get at least 3,010 words out of the way. I mean, if I can. Being a third of a day behind isn't bad. And I think my best strategy is to write in spurts. I kept pacing myself at lunch yesterday by forcing myself to write 100 words between bites. I got mixed results, but I hit 12,990 before I knew it.

And tonight's the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Trisha and I got really, really good seats. We're gonna go to Molly Brannigan's, a local Irish restaurant/pub, and we're gonna eat there, and walk around downtown, and then go see TSO at the Civic Center.

More later. I now own four Moleskines.


Anonymous Denise said...

I may be out of things.. but what the heck is a moleskin?

November 23, 2005 1:47 AM  

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