I am so bad at this.

You know what it is?

I updated when I had an audience. When it was OD. When there was a community bookmarks list full of people all wanting to know my side of the latest garbage going on at Academy.

Oh well. I will try again! And again, if need be. And again.

http://foundationstone.com.au - I'm beginning to learn the Hebrew alphabet (Some people call it the 'aleph-bet,' because its first two letters are Aleph and Bet. Our A and B, basically.) - I figured I should probably learn what the stuff I permanently wrote on my back says. Especially before I get more.

It reminds me of a slightly harder version of the time I learned the Cyrillic alphabet - they're not nearly as hard as they seem. It just took a day for me to recognize most of the letters. Before I even begin to learn the language, though, I want to be able to phonetically pronounce all the letters fluidly. I want to know that alphabet like the back of my proverbial hand. I even used one of my moleskines to start a Hebrew notebook so I can copy pieces of the Torah and stuff. I want to learn Arabic, too. I want to buy that parallel Arabic/English Qur'an at the bookstore. But first, Hebrew and a Hebrew Torah. or Tanakh.

Work's boring. And I mean boring. I do nothing. Except my boss gave me a data-entry job that sucks. I entered 3500 lines into a spreadsheet. Just finished today. And I have another stack to do depending on whether or not some guy can find the file where he already did it.

I swear I'll hang myself with my ethernet cable.

Anyway - They said they didn't get my paycheck because they entered me into the system the day after the week started. But I got it nonetheless. Which is nice. I owe some people a bit of money. AND I have to start saving now for tuition, because it's gonna be a doosie.

Finally - I start Game Crazy on Sunday. Me. In a video game store. Getting to stand around and TALK ABOUT VIDEO GAMES.



Anonymous Denise said...

Keep with it! You should never give up the wonderful world of blogging. I'm wish the people in my community would update more than they do. Its nice to keep in touch this way. Sorry about ur job being boring.. Maybe it'll get better. Maybe it already is better cuz this was posted like 2 weeks ago. Well I hope I get a chance to talk to ya more, but school's getting a little crazy, but I'll try! Seee ya!! :)

October 23, 2005 2:44 AM  

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