And again I feel ridiculous.

I just got a myspace.


It's that darn internet medium again. Did you know that a third of all internet traffic is Bittorrent alone, one of about 4,000 filesharing applications? People are myspacing and socializing and community blogging and bookmarking and sharing and chatting through a screen. If it's a laptop, it amazes me further. It's as though we have this little window through which we'd rather view life. We have our cell phones and our PDAs and our game consoles and our laptops and our mp3 players - what more could we want? We're certainly not interested in picking up a soccer ball and having some fun in the *gasp* sunshine.

No wonder our nation is so obese. We all have wifi and free time. Combine the two, and lord knows *I* don't want to go anywhere. I sit in my room and shoot zombies and play Fallout and AIM and blog. I'm pathetic, but so's everyone else.

It's an addiction. Podcasts are an addiction. Webcomics are an addiction. Blogs are an addiction (did you check out BlameBush! ?). New sites are an addiction.

I am rambling and I am useless.


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