Creating is now as simple as clicking a Javascript button. It's a sad thing.

And yet, who can say? Is writing a single letter on a blank page creation? Is it creation to splatter paint?

I don't know. It plagues me.

My real question, right now, involves my past. Looking back, I can't really say I've been all that unsuccessful with girls. Thank God I've found Trish now. But I've always had girls interested in me. And I know girls tell me I'm attractive and whatnot - but I'm anything but Hot. I mean the traditional, Abercrombie & Fitch model HOT. I'm chubby. I have a weird bump on my nose. I'm *short*. And so I'm forced to deduce that the whole personality thing really WORKS.

I mean, my personality is extreme. Not X-Games extreme. Just...very opinionated. Passionate. I don't take crap. Well, yes I do, but I also think that adds to the whole thing.

I just want to construct an idea of my personality. What makes me who I am? What attracts women to me?

I'm at least somewhat funny. I smile a lot. I like to listen to people and help them with their problems. I consider myself a generous and giving lover.

I know this is an entirely narcissistic exercise. I realize that I'm merely looking to boost my own self esteem by asking these questions. But I don't mind that. I am completely and utterly happy in the relationship I'm currently in. Never happier in fact. I'm not looking for some other girl. I just want to understand myself better. And what better way than through the reactions other people have to you?

I think a little investigation is in order.


Blogger a little bit me said...

who would have ever known we were actually SERIOUS when we said we liked guys for their personality? *gasp* imagine that. it's almost unfathomable.


June 04, 2005 3:58 PM  
Blogger fallen said...

Oh baby, I love that little bump on the nose. And who classified Abercombie and Fitch as hot. I personally find short men, with huge brains to be hot. I think you are perfect, wish it was enough for your confidence.

June 04, 2005 11:06 PM  

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