.the start.

Well, this is it. I like this blog, I think I'll keep it. Blogspot, you guys rule.

Just so you know.

Anyway - I guess today is the day I decided I liked it when I had a fan club. Today's the day when I realized how much I miss having people leave comments on my blog. Blogging is so stupid. No one should ever do it. But we do. We're selfish, narcissistic, and actually believe that people want to read what it is we have to say. LIES! No one cares. It's the internet. Millions of people and you've got the key to an issue? Your opinion matters? HA. I scoff.


I saw my old journal today. The one with the clippings and whatnot. And then I saw that miniature book I had, entitled: "Artifacts of a Social Revolution" with all the garbage I'd vomited into it. It was kind of depressing to see that I had nothing to say after that.

But I'm back. So I'll continue writing. Because I'm pathethic. Because I'm narcissistic.

Because I think my opinion matters, on the Internet.


Blogger Retrospection said...

your opinion will always matter to me.

But I have nothing to do with the internet.

May 06, 2005 11:59 AM  

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