Creating a world of words..

I find myself to be incomprehensibly irrelevant, sometimes. On occasion, I just see myself and realize how complete and utter my detachment is. I'm 400 miles from home in a city full of people that have nothing to do with me. We're college students and homeless people and lovers and people just looking to get drunk. We're one of the most depressed cities in the nation and it's because of this poverty, this sense of oldness and degretation that seems to pervade every single part of our surroundings. Even Penn has a sense of oldness, of the Alt, of feeble masks that mimic the glory it once bore.

And at the same time, in all of this, I find such irony in things like the way Drexel has christened a part of Chestnut street the "avenue of technology" - as though we were truly embracing a futuristic vision of what we thought our world should be.

Rocket packs. Meals in pill form. A soapbox for every person, a website in every home.

It's really so sad.


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