Creating a Routine Reality

I've got these things I always want to do. Recently I discovered Podcasting, and before that I'd heard of kits used to create a pirate radio station. Hmm. I always have delusions of becoming a catalyst for social change. I want an audience. I want to generate something people care about. I don't believe I can do that, though. So I always decide to do one thing: BLOG. Blogging is a trend online. Millions of blogs. All boring. Well, most boring. But there's types of blogging:

1.) Writing - regular, vanilla blogging. I did this for a long long time on Opendiary.com, but it was the boring and pathetic ramblings of a depressed teenager. I'd rather create something of value, thanks. So here is binarychris.blogspot.com, with that intent.

2.) Moblog - as far as I can tell, this is just photoblogging, usually with a crappy camera. People take the obligatory "deep" pictures. see www.t-six-ten.com for an example. It's art!

3.) Podcasting - audio blogging. Radio shows with the downloads and the computer and the FCC going away. I like the idea, I just have nothing interesting to say.

So I've made about a billion lists of "Things to do" - my digital camera is my sony PEG-NX70V - hideous 640x480 quality, but good for the cliche moblog. And I like to take quick, crappy photos that tend to have the raw qualities that bring out the true nature of the scene I'm capturing. I still want a 74 megapixel camera, don't get me wrong - but creating grainy works of staggering irrelevancy isn't too horrible either. I also plan on writing. I have essays upon essays. I have opinions. Ask any of my friends. Holy crap do I have opinions. I just never have the unction to post them. I'd like that to stop. I think it will. I want to blog again. Daily. Meanwhile, the idea of creating something of value in the auditory realm sounds nice. I love the idea of spoken word, or radio drama, or whatever. I've even read my crappy poetry into one of those awful microcassette recorders. But nothing seems to fit with what I want. I don't know. Maybe I don't have a radio personality.

I love the idea of creating a photography challenge. A moblog with a point. A gallery of beautiful things. But I don't have anyone who consistently does that sort of thing, and I don't have anyone who would want to. So I lose there, too.

So maybe I should just create content for this blog, post in it, and send the link to positively everyone I know.



Blogger Retrospection said...

you do creat social change. i mean.. if it wasn't for you, i ma have actually gone avter george clooney

May 06, 2005 12:01 PM  

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