Cutting the ribbons with razors...

Well, new blog. One I can update from work. Seems to have a workable design. I could get used to this. Now if only Greg and I could put it up on binaryprophecy.com.

Greg and I haven't had much time to chill lately. That's lame. Oh well. So this weekend I'm going down to Thiel with Sarah and Emmy to visit Trisha. That will be fun.

Holy crap. MAD haircut style. Lame as all getout, of course. Real short. Everyone loves it but me, and it's growing on me. I'll live.

I leave, with you, ladies and gentlemen -- a poem.

Words flowed from your lips like fermented honey
And their sweetness touched my tongue
As the dagger met its mark
And there was beautiful redness.


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